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Tandem ST2000

GDB may be used with a Tandem ST2000 phone switch, running Tandem's
STDBUG protocol.
   To connect your ST2000 to the host system, see the manufacturer's
manual.  Once the ST2000 is physically attached, you can run:
     target st2000 DEV SPEED
to establish it as your debugging environment.  DEV is normally the
name of a serial device, such as `/dev/ttya', connected to the ST2000
via a serial line.  You can instead specify DEV as a TCP connection
(for example, to a serial line attached via a terminal concentrator)
using the syntax `HOSTNAME:PORTNUMBER'.
   The `load' and `attach' commands are _not_ defined for this target;
you must load your program into the ST2000 as you normally would for
standalone operation.  GDB reads debugging information (such as
symbols) from a separate, debugging version of the program available on
your host computer.
   These auxiliary GDB commands are available to help you with the
ST2000 environment:
`st2000 COMMAND'
     Send a COMMAND to the STDBUG monitor.  See the manufacturer's
     manual for available commands.
     Connect the controlling terminal to the STDBUG command monitor.
     When you are done interacting with STDBUG, typing either of two
     character sequences gets you back to the GDB command prompt:
     `<RET>~.' (Return, followed by tilde and period) or `<RET>~<C-d>'
     (Return, followed by tilde and control-D).