Renesas ICE

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Using the E7000 in-circuit emulator

You can use the E7000 in-circuit emulator to develop code for either the
Renesas SH or the H8/300H.  Use one of these forms of the `target
e7000' command to connect GDB to your E7000:
`target e7000 PORT SPEED'
     Use this form if your E7000 is connected to a serial port.  The
     PORT argument identifies what serial port to use (for example,
     `com2').  The third argument is the line speed in bits per second
     (for example, `9600').
`target e7000 HOSTNAME'
     If your E7000 is installed as a host on a TCP/IP network, you can
     just specify its hostname; GDB uses `telnet' to connect.