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Renesas H8/300

`target hms DEV'
     A Renesas SH, H8/300, or H8/500 board, attached via serial line to
     your host.  Use special commands `device' and `speed' to control
     the serial line and the communications speed used.
`target e7000 DEV'
     E7000 emulator for Renesas H8 and SH.
`target sh3 DEV'
`target sh3e DEV'
     Renesas SH-3 and SH-3E target systems.
   When you select remote debugging to a Renesas SH, H8/300, or H8/500
board, the `load' command downloads your program to the Renesas board
and also opens it as the current executable target for GDB on your host
(like the `file' command).
   GDB needs to know these things to talk to your Renesas SH, H8/300,
or H8/500:
  1. that you want to use `target hms', the remote debugging interface
     for Renesas microprocessors, or `target e7000', the in-circuit
     emulator for the Renesas SH and the Renesas 300H.  (`target hms' is
     the default when GDB is configured specifically for the Renesas SH,
     H8/300, or H8/500.)
  2. what serial device connects your host to your Renesas board (the
     first serial device available on your host is the default).
  3. what speed to use over the serial device.