GDB/MI Simple Examples

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Simple Examples of GDB/MI Interaction

This subsection presents several simple examples of interaction using
the GDB/MI interface.  In these examples, `->' means that the following
line is passed to GDB/MI as input, while `<-' means the output received
from GDB/MI.

Target Stop

Here's an example of stopping the inferior process:

-> -stop <- (gdb)

and later:
     <- *stop,reason="stop",address="0x123",source="a.c:123"
     <- (gdb)

Simple CLI Command

Here's an example of a simple CLI command being passed through GDB/MI
and on to the CLI.

-> print 1+2 <- &"print 1+2\n" <- ~"$1 = 3\n" <- ^done <- (gdb)

Command With Side Effects

     -> -symbol-file xyz.exe
     <- *breakpoint,nr="3",address="0x123",source="a.c:123"
     <- (gdb)

A Bad Command

Here's what happens if you pass a non-existent command:
     -> -rubbish
     <- ^error,msg="Undefined MI command: rubbish"
     <- (gdb)