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"Cannot insert breakpoints"

Under some operating systems, breakpoints cannot be used in a program if
any other process is running that program.  In this situation,
attempting to run or continue a program with a breakpoint causes GDB to
print an error message:
     Cannot insert breakpoints.
     The same program may be running in another process.
   When this happens, you have three ways to proceed:
  1. Remove or disable the breakpoints, then continue.
  2. Suspend GDB, and copy the file containing your program to a new
     name.  Resume GDB and use the `exec-file' command to specify that
     GDB should run your program under that name.  Then start your
     program again.
  3. Relink your program so that the text segment is nonsharable, using
     the linker option `-N'.  The operating system limitation may not
     apply to nonsharable executables.
   A similar message can be printed if you request too many active
hardware-assisted breakpoints and watchpoints:
     Stopped; cannot insert breakpoints.
     You may have requested too many hardware breakpoints and watchpoints.
This message is printed when you attempt to resume the program, since
only then GDB knows exactly how many hardware breakpoints and
watchpoints it needs to insert.
   When this message is printed, you need to disable or remove some of
the hardware-assisted breakpoints and watchpoints, and then continue.