Config Names

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Specifying names for hosts and targets

The specifications used for hosts and targets in the `configure' script
are based on a three-part naming scheme, but some short predefined
aliases are also supported.  The full naming scheme encodes three pieces
of information in the following pattern:
   For example, you can use the alias `sun4' as a HOST argument, or as
the value for TARGET in a `--target=TARGET' option.  The equivalent
full name is `sparc-sun-sunos4'.
   The `configure' script accompanying GDB does not provide any query
facility to list all supported host and target names or aliases.
`configure' calls the Bourne shell script `config.sub' to map
abbreviations to full names; you can read the script, if you wish, or
you can use it to test your guesses on abbreviations--for example:
     % sh config.sub i386-linux
     % sh config.sub alpha-linux
     % sh config.sub hp9k700
     % sh config.sub sun4
     % sh config.sub sun3
     % sh config.sub i986v
     Invalid configuration `i986v': machine `i986v' not recognized
`config.sub' is also distributed in the GDB source directory
(`gdb-6.2.1', for version 6.2.1).