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Type and range checking

     _Warning:_ In this release, the GDB commands for type and range
     checking are included, but they do not yet have any effect.  This
     section documents the intended facilities.
   Some languages are designed to guard you against making seemingly
common errors through a series of compile- and run-time checks.  These
include checking the type of arguments to functions and operators, and
making sure mathematical overflows are caught at run time.  Checks such
as these help to ensure a program's correctness once it has been
compiled by eliminating type mismatches, and providing active checks
for range errors when your program is running.
   GDB can check for conditions like the above if you wish.  Although
GDB does not check the statements in your program, it can check
expressions entered directly into GDB for evaluation via the `print'
command, for example.  As with the working language, GDB can also
decide whether or not to check automatically based on your program's
source language.  *Note Supported languages: Support, for the default
settings of supported languages.