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Contributors to GCC

   The GCC project would like to thank its many contributors.  Without
them the project would not have been nearly as successful as it has
been.  Any omissions in this list are accidental.  Feel free to contact
<law@redhat.com> if you have been left out or some of your
contributions are not listed.  Please keep this list in alphabetical
   * Analog Devices helped implement the support for complex data types
     and iterators.
   * John David Anglin for threading-related fixes and improvements to
     libstdc++-v3, and the HP-UX port.
   * James van Artsdalen wrote the code that makes efficient use of the
     Intel 80387 register stack.
   * Alasdair Baird for various bugfixes.
   * Gerald Baumgartner added the signature extension to the C++ front
   * Godmar Back for his Java improvements and encouragement.
   * Scott Bambrough for help porting the Java compiler.
   * Jon Beniston for his Win32 port of Java.
   * Geoff Berry for his Java object serialization work and various
   * Eric Blake for helping to make GCJ and libgcj conform to the
   * Hans-J. Boehm for his garbage collector, IA-64 libffi port, and
     other Java work.
   * Neil Booth for work on cpplib, lang hooks, debug hooks and other
     miscellaneous clean-ups.
   * Per Bothner for his direction via the steering committee and
     various improvements to our infrastructure for supporting new
     languages.  Chill front end implementation.  Initial
     implementations of cpplib, fix-header, config.guess, libio, and
     past C++ library (libg++) maintainer.  Dreaming up, designing and
     implementing much of GCJ.
   * Devon Bowen helped port GCC to the Tahoe.
   * Don Bowman for mips-vxworks contributions.
   * Dave Brolley for work on cpplib and Chill.
   * Robert Brown implemented the support for Encore 32000 systems.
   * Christian Bruel for improvements to local store elimination.
   * Herman A.J. ten Brugge for various fixes.
   * Joerg Brunsmann for Java compiler hacking and help with the GCJ
   * Joe Buck for his direction via the steering committee.
   * Craig Burley for leadership of the Fortran effort.
   * Stephan Buys for contributing Doxygen notes for libstdc++.
   * Paolo Carlini for libstdc++ work: lots of efficiency improvements
     to the string class, hard detective work on the frustrating
     localization issues, and keeping up with the problem reports.
   * John Carr for his alias work, SPARC hacking, infrastructure
     improvements, previous contributions to the steering committee,
     loop optimizations, etc.
   * Steve Chamberlain for support for the Hitachi SH and H8 processors
     and the PicoJava processor, and for GCJ config fixes.
   * Glenn Chambers for help with the GCJ FAQ.
   * John-Marc Chandonia for various libgcj patches.
   * Scott Christley for his Objective-C contributions.
   * Eric Christopher for his Java porting help and clean-ups.
   * Branko Cibej for more warning contributions.
   * The GNU Classpath project for all of their merged runtime code.
   * Nick Clifton for arm, mcore, fr30, v850, m32r work, `--help', and
     other random hacking.
   * Michael Cook for libstdc++ cleanup patches to reduce warnings.
   * Ralf Corsepius for SH testing and minor bugfixing.
   * Stan Cox for care and feeding of the x86 port and lots of behind
     the scenes hacking.
   * Alex Crain provided changes for the 3b1.
   * Ian Dall for major improvements to the NS32k port.
   * Dario Dariol contributed the four varieties of sample programs
     that print a copy of their source.
   * Russell Davidson for fstream and stringstream fixes in libstdc++.
   * Mo DeJong for GCJ and libgcj bug fixes.
   * Gabriel Dos Reis for contributions to g++, contributions and
     maintenance of GCC diagnostics infrastructure, libstdc++-v3,
     including valarray<>, complex<>, maintaining the numerics library
     (including that pesky <limits> :-) and keeping up-to-date anything
     to do with numbers.
   * Ulrich Drepper for his work on glibc, testing of GCC using glibc,
     ISO C99 support, CFG dumping support, etc., plus support of the
     C++ runtime libraries including for all kinds of C interface
     issues, contributing and maintaining complex<>, sanity checking
     and disbursement, configuration architecture, libio maintenance,
     and early math work.
   * Richard Earnshaw for his ongoing work with the ARM.
   * David Edelsohn for his direction via the steering committee,
     ongoing work with the RS6000/PowerPC port, help cleaning up Haifa
     loop changes, and for doing the entire AIX port of libstdc++ with
     his bare hands.
   * Kevin Ediger for the floating point formatting of num_put::do_put
     in libstdc++.
   * Phil Edwards for libstdc++ work including configuration hackery,
     documentation maintainer, chief breaker of the web pages, the
     occasional iostream bugfix, and work on shared library symbol
   * Paul Eggert for random hacking all over GCC.
   * Mark Elbrecht for various DJGPP improvements, and for libstdc++
     configuration support for locales and fstream-related fixes.
   * Vadim Egorov for libstdc++ fixes in strings, streambufs, and
   * Ben Elliston for his work to move the Objective-C runtime into its
     own subdirectory and for his work on autoconf.
   * Marc Espie for OpenBSD support.
   * Doug Evans for much of the global optimization framework, arc,
     m32r, and SPARC work.
   * Fred Fish for BeOS support and Ada fixes.
   * Ivan Fontes Garcia for the Portugese translation of the GCJ FAQ.
   * Peter Gerwinski for various bugfixes and the Pascal front end.
   * Kaveh Ghazi for his direction via the steering committee and
     amazing work to make `-W -Wall' useful.
   * John Gilmore for a donation to the FSF earmarked improving GNU
   * Judy Goldberg for c++ contributions.
   * Torbjorn Granlund for various fixes and the c-torture testsuite,
     multiply- and divide-by-constant optimization, improved long long
     support, improved leaf function register allocation, and his
     direction via the steering committee.
   * Anthony Green for his `-Os' contributions and Java front end work.
   * Stu Grossman for gdb hacking, allowing GCJ developers to debug our
   * Michael K. Gschwind contributed the port to the PDP-11.
   * Ron Guilmette implemented the `protoize' and `unprotoize' tools,
     the support for Dwarf symbolic debugging information, and much of
     the support for System V Release 4.  He has also worked heavily on
     the Intel 386 and 860 support.
   * Bruno Haible for improvements in the runtime overhead for EH, new
     warnings and assorted bugfixes.
   * Andrew Haley for his amazing Java compiler and library efforts.
   * Chris Hanson assisted in making GCC work on HP-UX for the 9000
     series 300.
   * Michael Hayes for various thankless work he's done trying to get
     the c30/c40 ports functional.  Lots of loop and unroll
     improvements and fixes.
   * Kate Hedstrom for staking the g77 folks with an initial testsuite.
   * Richard Henderson for his ongoing SPARC, alpha, and ia32 work, loop
     opts, and generally fixing lots of old problems we've ignored for
     years, flow rewrite and lots of further stuff, including reviewing
     tons of patches.
   * Nobuyuki Hikichi of Software Research Associates, Tokyo,
     contributed the support for the Sony NEWS machine.
   * Manfred Hollstein for his ongoing work to keep the m88k alive, lots
     of testing an bugfixing, particularly of our configury code.
   * Steve Holmgren for MachTen patches.
   * Jan Hubicka for his x86 port improvements.
   * Christian Iseli for various bugfixes.
   * Kamil Iskra for general m68k hacking.
   * Lee Iverson for random fixes and MIPS testing.
   * Andreas Jaeger for various fixes to the MIPS port
   * Jakub Jelinek for his SPARC work and sibling call optimizations as
     well as lots of bug fixes and test cases, and for improving the
     Java build system.
   * Janis Johnson for ia64 testing and fixes and for her quality
     improvement sidetracks.
   * J. Kean Johnston for OpenServer support.
   * Tim Josling for the sample language treelang based originally on
     Richard Kenner's ""toy" language".
   * Nicolai Josuttis for additional libstdc++ documentation.
   * Klaus Kaempf for his ongoing work to make alpha-vms a viable
   * David Kashtan of SRI adapted GCC to VMS.
   * Ryszard Kabatek for many, many libstdc++ bugfixes and
     optimizations of strings, especially member functions, and for
     auto_ptr fixes.
   * Geoffrey Keating for his ongoing work to make the PPC work for
     GNU/Linux and his automatic regression tester.
   * Brendan Kehoe for his ongoing work with g++ and for a lot of early
     work in just about every part of libstdc++.
   * Oliver M. Kellogg of Deutsche Aerospace contributed the port to the
   * Richard Kenner of the New York University Ultracomputer Research
     Laboratory wrote the machine descriptions for the AMD 29000, the
     DEC Alpha, the IBM RT PC, and the IBM RS/6000 as well as the
     support for instruction attributes.  He also made changes to
     better support RISC processors including changes to common
     subexpression elimination, strength reduction, function calling
     sequence handling, and condition code support, in addition to
     generalizing the code for frame pointer elimination and delay slot
     scheduling.  Richard Kenner was also the head maintainer of GCC
     for several years.
   * Mumit Khan for various contributions to the Cygwin and Mingw32
     ports and maintaining binary releases for Windows hosts, and for
     massive libstdc++ porting work to Cygwin/Mingw32.
   * Robin Kirkham for cpu32 support.
   * Mark Klein for PA improvements.
   * Thomas Koenig for various bugfixes.
   * Bruce Korb for the new and improved fixincludes code.
   * Benjamin Kosnik for his g++ work and for leading the libstdc++-v3
   * Charles LaBrec contributed the support for the Integrated Solutions
     68020 system.
   * Jeff Law for his direction via the steering committee,
     coordinating the entire egcs project and GCC 2.95, rolling out
     snapshots and releases, handling merges from GCC2, reviewing tons
     of patches that might have fallen through the cracks else, and
     random but extensive hacking.
   * Marc Lehmann for his direction via the steering committee and
     helping with analysis and improvements of x86 performance.
   * Ted Lemon wrote parts of the RTL reader and printer.
   * Kriang Lerdsuwanakij for improvements to demangler and various c++
   * Warren Levy for tremendous work on libgcj (Java Runtime Library)
     and random work on the Java front end.
   * Alain Lichnewsky ported GCC to the MIPS CPU.
   * Oskar Liljeblad for hacking on AWT and his many Java bug reports
     and patches.
   * Robert Lipe for OpenServer support, new testsuites, testing, etc.
   * Weiwen Liu for testing and various bugfixes.
   * Dave Love for his ongoing work with the Fortran front end and
     runtime libraries.
   * Martin von Lo"wis for internal consistency checking infrastructure,
     various C++ improvements including namespace support, and tons of
     assistance with libstdc++/compiler merges.
   * H.J. Lu for his previous contributions to the steering committee,
     many x86 bug reports, prototype patches, and keeping the GNU/Linux
     ports working.
   * Greg McGary for random fixes and (someday) bounded pointers.
   * Andrew MacLeod for his ongoing work in building a real EH system,
     various code generation improvements, work on the global
     optimizer, etc.
   * Vladimir Makarov for hacking some ugly i960 problems, PowerPC
     hacking improvements to compile-time performance, overall
     knowledge and direction in the area of instruction scheduling, and
     design and implementation of the automaton based instruction
   * Bob Manson for his behind the scenes work on dejagnu.
   * Philip Martin for lots of libstdc++ string and vector iterator
     fixes and improvements, and string clean up and testsuites.
   * All of the Mauve project contributors, for Java test code.
   * Bryce McKinlay for numerous GCJ and libgcj fixes and improvements.
   * Adam Megacz for his work on the Win32 port of GCJ.
   * Michael Meissner for LRS framework, ia32, m32r, v850, m88k, MIPS,
     powerpc, haifa, ECOFF debug support, and other assorted hacking.
   * Jason Merrill for his direction via the steering committee and
     leading the g++ effort.
   * David Miller for his direction via the steering committee, lots of
     SPARC work, improvements in jump.c and interfacing with the Linux
     kernel developers.
   * Gary Miller ported GCC to Charles River Data Systems machines.
   * Alfred Minarik for libstdc++ string and ios bugfixes, and turning
     the entire libstdc++ testsuite namespace-compatible.
   * Mark Mitchell for his direction via the steering committee,
     mountains of C++ work, load/store hoisting out of loops, alias
     analysis improvements, ISO C `restrict' support, and serving as
     release manager for GCC 3.x.
   * Alan Modra for various GNU/Linux bits and testing.
   * Toon Moene for his direction via the steering committee, Fortran
     maintenance, and his ongoing work to make us make Fortran run fast.
   * Jason Molenda for major help in the care and feeding of all the
     services on the gcc.gnu.org (formerly egcs.cygnus.com)
     machine--mail, web services, ftp services, etc etc.  Doing all
     this work on scrap paper and the backs of envelopes would have
     been... difficult.
   * Catherine Moore for fixing various ugly problems we have sent her
     way, including the haifa bug which was killing the Alpha & PowerPC
     Linux kernels.
   * Mike Moreton for his various Java patches.
   * David Mosberger-Tang for various Alpha improvements.
   * Stephen Moshier contributed the floating point emulator that
     assists in cross-compilation and permits support for floating
     point numbers wider than 64 bits and for ISO C99 support.
   * Bill Moyer for his behind the scenes work on various issues.
   * Philippe De Muyter for his work on the m68k port.
   * Joseph S. Myers for his work on the PDP-11 port, format checking
     and ISO C99 support, and continuous emphasis on (and contributions
     to) documentation.
   * Nathan Myers for his work on libstdc++-v3: architecture and
     authorship through the first three snapshots, including
     implementation of locale infrastructure, string, shadow C headers,
     and the initial project documentation (DESIGN, CHECKLIST, and so
     forth).  Later, more work on MT-safe string and shadow headers.
   * Felix Natter for documentation on porting libstdc++.
   * NeXT, Inc. donated the front end that supports the Objective-C
   * Hans-Peter Nilsson for the CRIS and MMIX ports, improvements to
     the search engine setup, various documentation fixes and other
     small fixes.
   * Geoff Noer for this work on getting cygwin native builds working.
   * David O'Brien for the FreeBSD/alpha, FreeBSD/AMD x86-64,
     FreeBSD/ARM, FreeBSD/PowerPC, and FreeBSD/SPARC64 ports and
     related infrastructure improvements.
   * Alexandre Oliva for various build infrastructure improvements,
     scripts and amazing testing work, including keeping libtool issues
     sane and happy.
   * Melissa O'Neill for various NeXT fixes.
   * Rainer Orth for random MIPS work, including improvements to our o32
     ABI support, improvements to dejagnu's MIPS support, Java
     configuration clean-ups and porting work, etc.
   * Paul Petersen wrote the machine description for the Alliant FX/8.
   * Alexandre Petit-Bianco for implementing much of the Java compiler
     and continued Java maintainership.
   * Matthias Pfaller for major improvements to the NS32k port.
   * Gerald Pfeifer for his direction via the steering committee,
     pointing out lots of problems we need to solve, maintenance of the
     web pages, and taking care of documentation maintenance in general.
   * Ovidiu Predescu for his work on the Objective-C front end and
     runtime libraries.
   * Ken Raeburn for various improvements to checker, MIPS ports and
     various cleanups in the compiler.
   * Rolf W. Rasmussen for hacking on AWT.
   * David Reese of Sun Microsystems contributed to the Solaris on
     PowerPC port.
   * Joern Rennecke for maintaining the sh port, loop, regmove & reload
   * Loren J. Rittle for improvements to libstdc++-v3 including the
     FreeBSD port, threading fixes, thread-related configury changes,
     critical threading documentation, and solutions to really tricky
     I/O problems.
   * Craig Rodrigues for processing tons of bug reports.
   * Gavin Romig-Koch for lots of behind the scenes MIPS work.
   * Ken Rose for fixes to our delay slot filling code.
   * Paul Rubin wrote most of the preprocessor.
   * Chip Salzenberg for libstdc++ patches and improvements to locales,
     traits, Makefiles, libio, libtool hackery, and "long long" support.
   * Juha Sarlin for improvements to the H8 code generator.
   * Greg Satz assisted in making GCC work on HP-UX for the 9000 series
   * Bradley Schatz for his work on the GCJ FAQ.
   * Peter Schauer wrote the code to allow debugging to work on the
   * William Schelter did most of the work on the Intel 80386 support.
   * Bernd Schmidt for various code generation improvements and major
     work in the reload pass as well a serving as release manager for
     GCC 2.95.3.
   * Peter Schmid for constant testing of libstdc++ - especially
     application testing, going above and beyond what was requested for
     the release criteria - and libstdc++ header file tweaks.
   * Jason Schroeder for jcf-dump patches.
   * Andreas Schwab for his work on the m68k port.
   * Joel Sherrill for his direction via the steering committee, RTEMS
     contributions and RTEMS testing.
   * Nathan Sidwell for many C++ fixes/improvements.
   * Jeffrey Siegal for helping RMS with the original design of GCC,
     some code which handles the parse tree and RTL data structures,
     constant folding and help with the original VAX & m68k ports.
   * Kenny Simpson for prompting libstdc++ fixes due to defect reports
     from the LWG (thereby keeping us in line with updates from the
   * Franz Sirl for his ongoing work with making the PPC port stable
     for linux.
   * Andrey Slepuhin for assorted AIX hacking.
   * Christopher Smith did the port for Convex machines.
   * Randy Smith finished the Sun FPA support.
   * Scott Snyder for queue, iterator, istream, and string fixes and
     libstdc++ testsuite entries.
   * Brad Spencer for contributions to the GLIBCPP_FORCE_NEW technique.
   * Richard Stallman, for writing the original gcc and launching the
     GNU project.
   * Jan Stein of the Chalmers Computer Society provided support for
     Genix, as well as part of the 32000 machine description.
   * Nigel Stephens for various mips16 related fixes/improvements.
   * Jonathan Stone wrote the machine description for the Pyramid
   * Graham Stott for various infrastructure improvements.
   * John Stracke for his Java HTTP protocol fixes.
   * Mike Stump for his Elxsi port, g++ contributions over the years
     and more recently his vxworks contributions
   * Jeff Sturm for Java porting help, bug fixes, and encouragement.
   * Shigeya Suzuki for this fixes for the bsdi platforms.
   * Ian Lance Taylor for his mips16 work, general configury hacking,
     fixincludes, etc.
   * Holger Teutsch provided the support for the Clipper CPU.
   * Gary Thomas for his ongoing work to make the PPC work for
   * Philipp Thomas for random bugfixes throughout the compiler
   * Jason Thorpe for thread support in libstdc++ on NetBSD.
   * Kresten Krab Thorup wrote the run time support for the Objective-C
     language and the fantastic Java bytecode interpreter.
   * Michael Tiemann for random bugfixes, the first instruction
     scheduler, initial C++ support, function integration, NS32k, SPARC
     and M88k machine description work, delay slot scheduling.
   * Andreas Tobler for his work porting libgcj to Darwin.
   * Teemu Torma for thread safe exception handling support.
   * Leonard Tower wrote parts of the parser, RTL generator, and RTL
     definitions, and of the VAX machine description.
   * Tom Tromey for internationalization support and for his many Java
     contributions and libgcj maintainership.
   * Lassi Tuura for improvements to config.guess to determine HP
     processor types.
   * Petter Urkedal for libstdc++ CXXFLAGS, math, and algorithms fixes.
   * Brent Verner for work with the libstdc++ cshadow files and their
     associated configure steps.
   * Todd Vierling for contributions for NetBSD ports.
   * Jonathan Wakely for contributing libstdc++ Doxygen notes and XHTML
   * Dean Wakerley for converting the install documentation from HTML
     to texinfo in time for GCC 3.0.
   * Krister Walfridsson for random bugfixes.
   * Stephen M. Webb for time and effort on making libstdc++ shadow
     files work with the tricky Solaris 8+ headers, and for pushing the
     build-time header tree.
   * John Wehle for various improvements for the x86 code generator,
     related infrastructure improvements to help x86 code generation,
     value range propagation and other work, WE32k port.
   * Zack Weinberg for major work on cpplib and various other bugfixes.
   * Matt Welsh for help with Linux Threads support in GCJ.
   * Urban Widmark for help fixing java.io.
   * Mark Wielaard for new Java library code and his work integrating
     with Classpath.
   * Dale Wiles helped port GCC to the Tahoe.
   * Bob Wilson from Tensilica, Inc. for the Xtensa port.
   * Jim Wilson for his direction via the steering committee, tackling
     hard problems in various places that nobody else wanted to work
     on, strength reduction and other loop optimizations.
   * Carlo Wood for various fixes.
   * Tom Wood for work on the m88k port.
   * Masanobu Yuhara of Fujitsu Laboratories implemented the machine
     description for the Tron architecture (specifically, the Gmicro).
   * Kevin Zachmann helped ported GCC to the Tahoe.
   * Gilles Zunino for help porting Java to Irix.
   We'd also like to thank the folks who have contributed time and
energy in testing GCC:
   * Michael Abd-El-Malek
   * Thomas Arend
   * Bonzo Armstrong
   * Steven Ashe
   * Chris Baldwin
   * David Billinghurst
   * Jim Blandy
   * Stephane Bortzmeyer
   * Horst von Brand
   * Frank Braun
   * Rodney Brown
   * Joe Buck
   * Craig Burley
   * Sidney Cadot
   * Bradford Castalia
   * Ralph Doncaster
   * Ulrich Drepper
   * David Edelsohn
   * Richard Emberson
   * Levente Farkas
   * Graham Fawcett
   * Robert A. French
   * Jo"rgen Freyh
   * Mark K. Gardner
   * Charles-Antoine Gauthier
   * Yung Shing Gene
   * Kaveh Ghazi
   * David Gilbert
   * Simon Gornall
   * Fred Gray
   * John Griffin
   * Patrik Hagglund
   * Phil Hargett
   * Amancio Hasty
   * Bryan W. Headley
   * Kate Hedstrom
   * Richard Henderson
   * Kevin B. Hendricks
   * Manfred Hollstein
   * Kamil Iskra
   * Joep Jansen
   * Christian Joensson
   * David Kidd
   * Tobias Kuipers
   * Anand Krishnaswamy
   * Jeff Law
   * Robert Lipe
   * llewelly
   * Damon Love
   * Dave Love

* H.J. Lu

   * Brad Lucier
   * Mumit Khan
   * Matthias Klose
   * Martin Knoblauch
   * Jesse Macnish
   * David Miller
   * Toon Moene
   * Stefan Morrell
   * Anon A. Mous
   * Matthias Mueller
   * Pekka Nikander
   * Alexandre Oliva
   * Jon Olson
   * Magnus Persson
   * Chris Pollard
   * Richard Polton
   * David Rees
   * Paul Reilly
   * Tom Reilly
   * Loren J. Rittle
   * Torsten Rueger
   * Danny Sadinoff
   * Marc Schifer
   * Peter Schmid
   * David Schuler
   * Vin Shelton
   * Franz Sirl
   * Tim Souder
   * Mike Stump
   * Adam Sulmicki
   * George Talbot
   * Gregory Warnes
   * Carlo Wood
   * David E. Young
   * And many others
   And finally we'd like to thank everyone who uses the compiler,
submits bug reports and generally reminds us why we're doing this work
in the first place.