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GNU Fortran Command Options

   The `g77' command supports all the options supported by the `gcc'
command.  *Note GCC Command Options: (gcc)Invoking GCC, for information
on the non-Fortran-specific aspects of the `gcc' command (and,
therefore, the `g77' command).
   All `gcc' and `g77' options are accepted both by `g77' and by `gcc'
(as well as any other drivers built at the same time, such as `g++'),
since adding `g77' to the `gcc' distribution enables acceptance of
`g77' options by all of the relevant drivers.
   In some cases, options have positive and negative forms; the
negative form of `-ffoo' would be `-fno-foo'.  This manual documents
only one of these two forms, whichever one is not the default.