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Funding GNU Fortran

   James Craig Burley (<craig@jcb-sc.com>), the original author of
`g77', stopped working on it in September 1999 (He has a web page at
   GNU Fortran is currently maintained by Toon Moene
(<toon@moene.indiv.nluug.nl>), with the help of countless other
   As with other GNU software, funding is important because it can pay
for needed equipment, personnel, and so on.
   The FSF provides information on the best way to fund ongoing
development of GNU software (such as GNU Fortran) in documents such as
the "GNUS Bulletin".  Email <gnu@gnu.org> for information on funding
the FSF.
   Another important way to support work on GNU Fortran is to volunteer
to help out.
   Email <gcc@gcc.gnu.org> to volunteer for this work.
   However, we strongly expect that there will never be a version 0.6
of `g77'.  Work on this compiler has stopped as of the release of GCC
3.1, except for bug fixing.  `g77' will be succeeded by `g95' - see
   *Note Funding Free Software: Funding, for more information.