g77.info: Diagnostics

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   Some diagnostics produced by `g77' require sufficient explanation
that the explanations are given below, and the diagnostics themselves
identify the appropriate explanation.
   Identification uses the GNU Info format--specifically, the `info'
command that displays the explanation is given within square brackets
in the diagnostic.  For example:
     foo.f:5: Invalid statement [info -f g77 M FOOEY]
   More details about the above diagnostic is found in the `g77' Info
documentation, menu item `M', submenu item `FOOEY', which is displayed
by typing the UNIX command `info -f g77 M FOOEY'.
   Other Info readers, such as EMACS, may be just as easily used to
display the pertinent node.  In the above example, `g77' is the Info
document name, `M' is the top-level menu item to select, and, in that
node (named `Diagnostics', the name of this chapter, which is the very
text you're reading now), `FOOEY' is the menu item to select.