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Contributors to GNU Fortran

   In addition to James Craig Burley, who wrote the front end, many
people have helped create and improve GNU Fortran.
   * The packaging and compiler portions of GNU Fortran are based
     largely on the GNU CC compiler.  *Note Contributors to GCC:
     (gcc)Contributors, for more information.
   * The run-time library used by GNU Fortran is a repackaged version
     of the `libf2c' library (combined from the `libF77' and `libI77'
     libraries) provided as part of `f2c', available for free from
     `netlib' sites on the Internet.
   * Cygnus Support and The Free Software Foundation contributed
     significant money and/or equipment to Craig's efforts.
   * The following individuals served as alpha testers prior to `g77''s
     public release.  This work consisted of testing, researching,
     sometimes debugging, and occasionally providing small amounts of
     code and fixes for `g77', plus offering plenty of helpful advice
     to Craig:
          Jonathan Corbet
          Dr. Mark Fernyhough
          Takafumi Hayashi (The University of
          Kate Hedstrom
          Michel Kern (INRIA and Rice

Dr. A. O. V. Le Blanc

          Dave Love
          Rick Lutowski
          Toon Moene
          Rick Niles
          Derk Reefman
          Wayne K. Schroll
          Bill Thorson
          Pedro A. M. Vazquez
          Ian Watson
   * Dave Love (<d.love@dl.ac.uk>) wrote the libU77 part of the
     run-time library.
   * Scott Snyder (<snyder@d0sgif.fnal.gov>) provided the patch to add
     rudimentary support for `INTEGER*1', `INTEGER*2', and `LOGICAL*1'.
     This inspired Craig to add further support, even though the
     resulting support would still be incomplete.
   * David Ronis (<ronis@onsager.chem.mcgill.ca>) inspired and
     encouraged Craig to rewrite the documentation in texinfo format by
     contributing a first pass at a translation of the old
     `g77-0.5.16/f/DOC' file.
   * Toon Moene (<toon@moene.indiv.nluug.nl>) performed some analysis
     of generated code as part of an overall project to improve `g77'
     code generation to at least be as good as `f2c' used in
     conjunction with `gcc'.  So far, this has resulted in the three,
     somewhat experimental, options added by `g77' to the `gcc'
     compiler and its back end.
     (These, in turn, had made their way into the `egcs' version of the
     compiler, and do not exist in `gcc' version 2.8 or versions of
     `g77' based on that version of `gcc'.)
   * John Carr (<jfc@mit.edu>) wrote the alias analysis improvements.
   * Thanks to Mary Cortani and the staff at Craftwork Solutions
     (<support@craftwork.com>) for all of their support.
   * Many other individuals have helped debug, test, and improve `g77'
     over the past several years, and undoubtedly more people will be
     doing so in the future.  If you have done so, and would like to
     see your name listed in the above list, please ask!  The default
     is that people wish to remain anonymous.