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Collected Fortran Wisdom

   Most users of `g77' can be divided into two camps:
   * Those writing new Fortran code to be compiled by `g77'.
   * Those using `g77' to compile existing, "legacy" code.
   Users writing new code generally understand most of the necessary
aspects of Fortran to write "mainstream" code, but often need help
deciding how to handle problems, such as the construction of libraries
containing `BLOCK DATA'.
   Users dealing with "legacy" code sometimes don't have much
experience with Fortran, but believe that the code they're compiling
already works when compiled by other compilers (and might not
understand why, as is sometimes the case, it doesn't work when compiled
by `g77').
   The following information is designed to help users do a better job
coping with existing, "legacy" Fortran code, and with writing new code
as well.