configure Invocation

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`configure' Invocation

`configure' recognizes the following options to control how it operates.
     Print a summary of the options to `configure', and exit.
     Print the version of Autoconf used to generate the `configure'
     script, and exit.
     Enable the cache: use and save the results of the tests in FILE,
     traditionally `config.cache'.  FILE defaults to `/dev/null' to
     disable caching.
     Alias for `--cache-file=config.cache'.
     Do not print messages saying which checks are being made.  To
     suppress all normal output, redirect it to `/dev/null' (any error
     messages will still be shown).
     Look for the package's source code in directory DIR.  Usually
     `configure' can determine that directory automatically.
`configure' also accepts some other, not widely useful, options.  Run
`configure --help' for more details.