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Annotation for GDB Input

When GDB prompts for input, it annotates this fact so it is possible to
know when to send output, when the output from a given command is over,
   Different kinds of input each have a different "input type".  Each
input type has three annotations: a `pre-' annotation, which denotes
the beginning of any prompt which is being output, a plain annotation,
which denotes the end of the prompt, and then a `post-' annotation
which denotes the end of any echo which may (or may not) be associated
with the input.  For example, the `prompt' input type features the
following annotations:
   The input types are
     When GDB is prompting for a command (the main GDB prompt).
     When GDB prompts for a set of commands, like in the `commands'
     command.  The annotations are repeated for each command which is
     When GDB wants the user to select between various overloaded
     When GDB wants the user to confirm a potentially dangerous
     When GDB is asking the user to press return to continue.  Note:
     Don't expect this to work well; instead use `set height 0' to
     disable prompting.  This is because the counting of lines is buggy
     in the presence of annotations.