Run any application on the least loaded host

To run appY on the best machine for it, you could set the command line in Exceed to be the following and set the description to appY:
lsrun -R "type==any && appY order[mem:cpu]" sh -c "appY -display your_PC:0.0 &" 

You must make sure that all the UNIX servers for appY are configured with the resource "appY". In this example, appY requires a lot of memory when there are embedded graphics, so we make "mem" the most important consideration in selecting the best host among the eligible servers.

Start an X session on the least loaded host in any X desktop environment

The above approach also applies to other X desktop environments. In general, if you want to start an X session on the best host, run the following on an LSF host:
lsrun -R "resource_requirement" my_Xapp -display your_PC:0.0 


resource_requirement is your resource requirement string

Script for automatically specifying resource requirements

The above examples require the specification of resource requirement strings by users. You may want to centralize this such that all users use the same resource specifications.

You can create a central script (for example lslaunch) and place it in the /lsf/bin directory. For example:
lsrun -R "order[cpu:mem:login]" $@ 
exit $?
Which would simplify the command string to:
lslaunch xterm -sb -ls -display your_PC:0.0 
Taking this one step further, you could create a script named lsxterm:
lsrun -R "order[cpu:mem:login]" xterm -sb -ls $@ 
exit $?
Which would simplify the command string to:
lsxterm -display your_PC:0.0