LSF user groups

You can define an LSF user group within LSF or use an external executable to retrieve user group members.

User groups configured within LSF can have user group administrators configured, delegating responsibility for job control away from cluster administrators.

Use bugroup to view user groups and members, use busers to view all users in the cluster.

Where to use LSF user groups

LSF user groups can be used in defining the following parameters in LSF configuration files:

  • USERS and ADMINISTRATORS (optional) in lsb.queues

  • USER_NAME in lsb.users for user job slot limits

  • USER_SHARES (optional) in lsb.hosts for host partitions or in lsb.queues for queue fairshare policies

  • USERS and PER_USER in lsb.resources for resource limits or resource reservation.

  • USER_GROUP and ACCESS_CONTROL in lsb.serviceclasses for SLA access.

If you are using existing OS-level user groups instead of LSF-specific user groups, you can also specify the names of these groups in the files mentioned above.