Configure user group administrators

About this task

By default, user group administrators can control all jobs that are submitted by users who are members of the user group.


Define STRICT_UG_CONTROL=Y in lsb.params to:

  • Configure user group administrators for user groups with all as a member

  • Limit user group administrators to controlling jobs in the user group when jobs are submitted with bsub -G.


  1. Log in as the LSF administrator to any host in the cluster.
  2. Open lsb.users.
  3. Edit the UserGroup section:
    Begin UserGroup
    ugAdmins     (Toby Steve)			   ( )
    marketing    (user1 user2)      (shelley ugAdmins)
    financial    (user3 user1 ugA)  (john)
    engineering  (all)						      ( )
    End UserGroup
  4. To enable user group administrators, specify users or user groups in the GROUP_ADMIN column.

    Separate users and user groups with spaces, and enclose each GROUP_ADMIN entry in brackets.

  5. Save your changes.
  6. Run badmin ckconfig to check the new user group definition. If any errors are reported, fix the problem and check the configuration again.
  7. Run badmin reconfig to reconfigure the cluster.


For example, for the configuration shown and the default setting STRICT_UG_CONTROL=N in lsb.params, user1 submits a job:

bsub -G marketing job1.

job1 can be controlled by user group administrators for both the marketing and financial user groups since user1 is a member of both groups.

With STRICT_UG_CONTROL=Y defined, only the user group administrators for marketing can control job1. In addition, a user group administrator can be set for the group engineering which has all as a member.