View user and user group information

You can display information about LSF users and user groups using the busers and bugroup commands.

The busers command displays information about users and user groups. The default is to display information about the user who invokes the command. The busers command displays:

  • Maximum number of jobs a user or group may execute on a single processor

  • Maximum number of job slots a user or group may use in the cluster

  • Maximum number of pending jobs a user or group may have in the system.

  • Total number of job slots required by all submitted jobs of the user

  • Number of job slots in the PEND, RUN, SSUSP, and USUSP states

The bugroup command displays information about user groups and which users belong to each group.

The busers and bugroup commands have additional options. See the busers(1) and bugroup(1) man pages for more details.

The keyword all is reserved by LSF. Ensure that no actual users are assigned the user name "all."