Install update releases on UNIX and Linux

To install an update release to the cluster.

About this task


For LSF 7 and LSF 7 Update 1, you cannot use the steps in this chapter. You must follow the steps in “Migrating to LSF Version 9.1 on UNIX and Linux” to manually migrate your cluster to LSF9.1.


  1. Download and extract the new version of lsfinstall.

    For example,

    zcat lsf9.1_lsfinstall.tar.Z | tar xvf -

  2. Prepare the install.config file using the new template and information from your original installation. The new template may have new parameters for you to set.
  3. Download the patches and put the distribution files in the same directory as lsfinstall.

    If hosts in your cluster have multiple binary types, you may require multiple distribution files to patch the entire cluster.

  4. Run the new LSF installer.

    For example,

    lsfinstall -f install.config

    Specify the patches to install and let the installer finish.

  5. Restart the cluster.

    This makes changes to daemons take effect.

  6. Optional. Run pversions to determine the state of the cluster.
  7. Optional. Free some space by deleting the contents of backup directories under EGO and LSF installation directories.