Shared file access

A frequent problem with LSF is non-accessible files due to a non-uniform file space. If a task is run on a remote host where a file it requires cannot be accessed using the same name, an error results. Almost all interactive LSF commands fail if the user’s current working directory cannot be found on the remote host.

Shared files on UNIX

If you are running NFS, rearranging the NFS mount table may solve the problem. If your system is running the automount server, LSF tries to map the filenames, and in most cases it succeeds. If shared mounts are used, the mapping may break for those files. In such cases, specific measures need to be taken to get around it.

The automount maps must be managed through NIS. When LSF tries to map filenames, it assumes that automounted file systems are mounted under the /tmp_mnt directory.

Shared files across UNIX and Windows

For file sharing across UNIX and Windows, you require a third-party NFS product on Windows to export directories from Windows to UNIX.