Resource usage

Resource reservation is only available for batch jobs. If you run jobs using only LSF Base, LIM uses resource usage to determine the placement of jobs. Resource usage requests are used to temporarily increase the load so that a host is not overloaded. When LIM makes a placement advice, external load indices are not considered in the resource usage string. In this case, the syntax of the resource usage string is
res[=value]:res[=value]: ... :res[=value]
The res is one of the resources whose value is returned by the lsload command.

The above example indicates that the task is expected to increase the 1-minute run queue length by 0.5, consume 20 MB of memory and 40 MB of swap space.

If no value is specified, the task is assumed to be intensive in using that resource. In this case no more than one task will be assigned to a host regardless of how many CPUs it has.

The default resource usage for a task is r15s=1.0:r1m=1.0:r15m=1.0. This indicates a CPU-intensive task which consumes few other resources.