Configure suspending conditions at queue level

About this task

The condition for suspending a job can be specified using the queue-level STOP_COND parameter. It is defined by a resource requirement string. Only the select section of the resource requirement string is considered when stopping a job. All other sections are ignored.

This parameter provides similar but more flexible functionality for loadStop.

If loadStop thresholds have been specified, then a job is suspended if either the STOP_COND is TRUE or the loadStop thresholds are exceeded.


Modify a queue to suspend a job based on a condition.

For example, suspend a job based on the idle time for desktop machines and availability of swap and memory on compute servers.

Assume cs is a Boolean resource defined in the lsf.shared file and configured in the lsf.cluster.cluster_name file to indicate that a host is a compute server

Begin Queue
STOP_COND= select[((!cs && it < 5) || (cs && mem < 15 && swap < 50))]
End Queue