Job groups and time-based SLAs

Job groups provide a method for assigning arbitrary labels to groups of jobs. Typically, job groups represent a project hierarchy. You can use -g with -sla at job submission to attach all jobs in a job group to a service class and have them scheduled as SLA jobs, subject to the scheduling policy of the SLA. Within the job group, resources are allocated to jobs on a fairshare basis.

All jobs submitted to a group under an SLA automatically belong to the SLA itself. You cannot modify a job group of a job that is attached to an SLA.

A job group hierarchy can belong to only one SLA.

It is not possible to have some jobs in a job group not part of the service class. Multiple job groups can be created under the same SLA. You can submit additional jobs to the job group without specifying the service class name again.

If the specified job group does not exist, it is created and attached to the SLA.

You can also use -sla to specify a service class when you create a job group with bgadd.