Configure historical run time


Specify ENABLE_HIST_RUN_TIME=Y for the queue in lsb.queues or for the cluster in lsb.params.

Historical run time is added to the calculation of the dynamic priority so that the formula becomes the following:

dynamic priority = number_shares / (cpu_time * CPU_TIME_FACTOR +  
(historical_run_time + run_time) * RUN_TIME_FACTOR
+ (1 + job_slots) * RUN_JOB_FACTOR
+ fairshare_adjustment(struct*shareAdjustPair)*FAIRSHARE_ADJUSTMENT_FACTOR)

historical_run_time—(measured in hours) of finished jobs accumulated in the user’s share account file. LSF calculates the historical run time using the actual run time of finished jobs and a decay factor such that 1 hour of recently-used run time decays to 0.1 hours after an interval of time specified by HIST_HOURS in lsb.params (5 hours by default).