PVM Jobs

Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a parallel programming system distributed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. PVM programs are controlled by the PVM hosts file, which contains host names and other information.

PVM esub

An esub for PVM jobs, esub.pvm, is installed with Platform LSF. The PVM esub calls the pvmjob script.

Use bsub -a pvm to submit PVM jobs.

pvmjob script

The pvmjob shell script is invoked by esub.pvm to run PVM programs as parallel LSF jobs. The pvmjob script reads the LSF environment variables, sets up the PVM hosts file and then runs the PVM job. If your PVM job needs special options in the hosts file, you can modify the pvmjob script.

For example, if the command line to run your PVM job is:

myjob data1 -o out1

the following command submits this job to run on 10 processors:

bsub -a pvm -n 10 myjob data1 -o out1

Other parallel programming packages can be supported in the same way.