View cluster resources (lsinfo)


Use lsinfo to list the resources available in your cluster.

The lsinfo command lists all resource names and descriptions.

r15s            Numeric  Inc    15-second CPU run queue length
r1m             Numeric  Inc    1-minute CPU run queue length (alias:cpu)
r15m            Numeric  Inc    15-minute CPU run queue length
ut              Numeric  Inc    1-minute CPU utilization (0.0 to 1.0)
pg              Numeric  Inc    Paging rate (pages/second)
io              Numeric  Inc    Disk IO rate (Kbytes/second)
ls              Numeric  Inc    Number of login sessions (alias: login)
it              Numeric  Dec    Idle time (minutes) (alias: idle)
tmp             Numeric  Dec    Disk space in /tmp (Mbytes)
swp             Numeric  Dec    Available swap space (Mbytes) (alias:swap)
mem             Numeric  Dec    Available memory (Mbytes)
ncpus           Numeric  Dec    Number of CPUs
nprocs          Numeric   Dec   Number of physical processors
ncores          Numeric   Dec   Number of cores per physical processor
nthreads        Numeric   Dec   Number of threads per processor
corendisks      Numeric  Dec    Number of local disks
maxmem          Numeric  Dec    Maximum memory (Mbytes)
maxswp          Numeric  Dec    Maximum swap space (Mbytes)
maxtmp          Numeric  Dec    Maximum /tmp space (Mbytes)
cpuf            Numeric  Dec    CPU factor