Queue states

Queue states, displayed by bqueues, describe the ability of a queue to accept and start batch jobs using a combination of the following states:

  • Open: queues accept new jobs

  • Closed: queues do not accept new jobs

  • Active: queues start jobs on available hosts

  • Inactive: queues hold all jobs




    Accepts and starts new jobs—normal processing


    Accepts and holds new jobs—collecting


    Does not accept new jobs, but continues to start jobs-draining


    Does not accept new jobs and does not start jobs—all activity is stopped

Queue state can be changed by an LSF administrator or root.

Queues can also be activated and inactivated by run windows and dispatch windows (configured in lsb.queues, displayed by bqueues -l).

bqueues -l displays Inact_Adm when explicitly inactivated by an Administrator (badmin qinact), and Inact_Win when inactivated by a run or dispatch window.