Version command pversions

The version command pversions is a tool provided to query the patch history and deliver information about cluster and product version and patch levels.

The version command includes functionality to query a cluster or check contents of a package.

For clusters version 7.0 or earlier, the version command is not available.

For clusters version 7 Update 1 (7.0.1) or later, the command is available under install directory under the LSF installation directory (LSF_TOP/9.1/install/pversions). It is not located with other LSF commands and may not be in your path by default.

Command environment

Both patchinstall and pversions on UNIX need environment information to identify your cluster.

Before you run the command, set your environment using profile.lsf or cshrc.lsf. You may have already done this to administer your cluster.

As a workaround, use the -f option in the command line and specify a file that defines your environment. For more information, see the command reference.