Running MPI workload through IBM Parallel Environment Runtime Edition

Platform LSF integrates with the IBM Parallel Environment Runtime Edition (IBM PE Runtime Edition) program product - Version 1.3 or later to run PE jobs through the IBM Parallel Operating Environment (POE). The integration enables network-aware scheduling, allowing an LSF job to specify network resource requirements, collect network information, and schedule the job according to the requested network resources.

IBM PE Runtime Edition jobs can be submitted through bsub, and monitored and controlled through LSF commands. Network requirements can be specified at job submission with the bsub -network option, and configured at the queue (lsb.queues) and application level (lsb.applications) with the NETWORK_REQ parameter.

Important: This integration is based on the Platform blaunch framework, which improves performance and reduces the MPI job overhead.
Note: To make this information easier to read, the name IBM Parallel Environment Runtime Edition is abbreviated to IBM PE Runtime Edition, Parallel Environment, or more generally, PE throughout the LSF documentation.

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