Submit a parallel job

About this task

LSF can allocate more than one slot to run a job and automatically keeps track of the job status, while a parallel job is running.

When submitting a parallel job that requires multiple slots, you can specify the exact number of slots to use.


  1. To submit a parallel job, use bsub -n and specify the number of slots the job requires.
  2. To submit jobs based on the number of available job slots instead of the number of CPUs, use PARALLEL_SCHED_BY_SLOT=Y in lsb.params.
    For example:
    bsub -n 4 myjob

    The job myjob submits as a parallel job. The job is started when four job slots are available.


    When PARALLEL_SCHED_BY_SLOT=Y in lsb.params, the resource requirement string keyword ncpus refers to the number of slots instead of the number of CPUs however lshosts output will continue to show ncpus as defined by EGO_DEFINE_NCPUS in lsf.conf.