Configure a PAM file

About this task

When USE_PAM_CREDS is enabled in lsb.queues or lsb.applications, the limits specified in the PAM configuration file are applied to an application or queue when its job is dispatched to a Linux host using PAM. The job will fail if the execution host does not have PAM configured.


  1. Create a PAM configuration file on each execution host you want.


  2. In the first two lines, specify the authentication and authorization you need to successfully run PAM limits. For example:

    auth required

    account required

  3. Specify any resource limits. For example:

    session required


On hosts that have a PAM configuration file with resource limits specified and when USE_PAM_CREDS=y in lsb.queues or lsb.applications, applies resource limits on jobs running on the execution host.

For more information about configuring a PAM file, check Linux documentation.