Limit job dependency evaluation

About this task

You can set the maximum number of job dependencies mbatchd evaluates in one scheduling cycle. The EVALUATE_JOB_DEPENDENCY parameter limits the amount of time mbatchd spends on evaluating job dependencies in a scheduling cycle, which limits the amount of time the job dependency evaluation blocks services. Job dependency evaluation is a process that is used to check if each job's dependency condition is satisfied. When a job's dependency condition is satisfied, it sets a ready flag and allows itself to be scheduled by mbschd.

When EVALUATE_JOB_DEPENDENCY is set, a configured number of jobs are evaluated.

Limit the number of job dependencies mbatchd evaluates in a scheduling cycle as follows:


  1. Edit the lsb.params file.
  2. Specify the value of the EVALUATE_JOB_DEPENDENCY parameter.



Starting a scheduling session triggers LSF to do job dependency evaluation. The number of jobs evaluated corresponds to the configuration and the endpoint is kept. LSF starts the job dependency evaluation from the endpoint in the next session. LSF evaluates all dependent jobs every 10 minutes regardless of the configuration for EVALUATE_JOB_DEPENDENCY.