Define computation of ncpus on static hosts

About this task

The ncpus global definition can be overridden on specified dynamic and static hosts in the cluster.


  1. Open lsf.cluster.cluster_name.
    • Linux: LSF_CONFDIR/lsf.cluster.cluster_name

    • Windows: LSF_CONFDIR\lsf.cluster.cluster_name

  2. Find the host you for which you want to define ncpus computation. In the RESOURCES column, add one of the following definitions:
    • define_ncpus_procs

    • define_ncpus_cores

    • define_ncpus_threads


    Resource definitions are mutually exclusive. Choose only one resource definition per host.

    For example:

    Begin Host
    HOSTNAME  model    type        r1m  mem  swp  RESOURCES    #Keywords
    #lemon    PC200    LINUX86     3.5  1    2   (linux)
    #plum     !        NTX86       3.5  1    2   (nt)
    Host_name !        NTX86        -   -    -   (define_ncpus_procs)
    End     Host
  3. Save and close lsf.cluster.cluster_name.
  4. Restart the master host.



In multi-cluster environments, if ncpus is defined on a per-host basis (thereby overriding the global setting) the definition is applied to all clusters that the host is a part of. In contrast, globally defined ncpus settings only take effect within the cluster for which EGO_DEFINE_NCPUS is defined.