Improve performance of mbatchd query requests on UNIX

You can improve mbatchd query performance on UNIX systems using the following methods:
  • Multithreading—On UNIX platforms that support thread programming, you can change default mbatchd behavior to use multithreading and increase performance of query requests when you use the bjobs command. Multithreading is beneficial for busy clusters with many jobs and frequent query requests. This may indirectly increase overall mbatchd performance.

  • Hard CPU affinity—You can specify the master host CPUs on which mbatchd child query processes can run. This improves mbatchd scheduling and dispatch performance by binding query processes to specific CPUs so that higher priority mbatchd processes can run more efficiently.

mbatchd without multithreading


By default, mbatchd uses the port defined by the parameter LSB_MBD_PORT in lsf.conf or looks into the system services database for port numbers to communicate with LIM and job request commands.

It uses this port number to receive query requests from clients.

Service requests

For every query request received, mbatchd forks a child mbatchd to service the request. Each child mbatchd processes the request and then exits.