Run a script with load sharing enabled

About this task

The lstcsh -L option tells lstcsh that a script should be executed with load sharing enabled, so individual commands in the script may be executed on other hosts.

There are three different ways to run an lstcsh script with load sharing enabled:
  • Run lstcsh -L script_name, or

  • Make the script executable and put the following as the first line of the script. By default, lstcsh is installed in LSF_BINDIR.

The following assumes you installed lstcsh in the /usr/share/lsf/bin directory):
#!/usr/share/lsf/bin/lstcsh -L


  1. Start an interactive lstcsh.
  2. Enable load sharing, and set to remote mode:

    lsmode on remote

  3. Use the source command to read the script in.