About IBM Platform Make

IBM Platform Make allows you to use your LSF cluster to run parts of your make in parallel. Tasks are started on multiple hosts simultaneously to reduce the execution time.

Tasks often consist of many subtasks, with some dependencies between the subtasks. For example, to compile a software package, you compile each file in the package, then link all the compiled files together.

In many cases, most of the subtasks do not depend on each other. For a software package, the individual files in the package can be compiled at the same time; only the linking step needs to wait for all the other tasks to complete.

IBM Platform Make supports following standard LSF command debug options:






GNU Make compatibility

IBM Platform Make is based on GNU Make and supports most GNU Make features. GNU Make is upwardly compatible with the make programs supplied by most UNIX vendors. IBM Platform Make is compatible with makefiles for most versions of GNU Make.

IBM Platform Make is fully compatible with GNU Make version 3.81. There are some incompatibilities between GNU Make and some other versions of make; these are beyond the scope of this document.