Bypass EGO login at startup (lsf.sudoers)

Before you begin

You must be the LSF administrator (lsfadmin) or root to configure lsf.sudoers.

About this task

When LSF daemons control through EGO Service Controller is configured, users must have EGO credentials for EGO to start res and sbatchd services. By default, lsadmin and badmin invoke the egosh user logon command to prompt for the user name and password of the EGO administrator to get EGO credentials.


Configure lsf.sudoers to bypass EGO login to start res and sbatchd automatically.
Set the following parameters:
  • LSF_EGO_ADMIN_USER—User name of the EGO administrator. The default administrator name is Admin.

  • LSF_EGO_ADMIN_PASSWD—Password of the EGO administrator.