Configure LSF and EGO

EGO configuration files for LSF daemon management (res.xml and sbatchd.xml)

The following files are located in EGO_ESRVDIR/esc/conf/services/:
  • res.xml—EGO service configuration file for res.

  • sbatchd.xml—EGO service configuration file for sbatchd.

When LSF daemon control through EGO Service Controller is configured, lsadmin uses the reserved EGO service name res to control the LSF res daemon, and badmin uses the reserved EGO service name sbatchd to control the LSF sbatchd daemon.

How to handle parameters in lsf.conf with corresponding parameters in ego.conf

When EGO is enabled, existing LSF parameters (parameter names beginning with LSB_ or LSF_) that are set only in lsf.conf operate as usual because LSF daemons and commands read both lsf.conf and ego.conf.

Some existing LSF parameters have corresponding EGO parameter names in ego.conf (LSF_CONFDIR/lsf.conf is a separate file from LSF_CONFDIR/ego/cluster_name/kernel/ego.conf). You can keep your existing LSF parameters in lsf.conf, or your can set the corresponding EGO parameters in ego.conf that have not already been set in lsf.conf.

You cannot set LSF parameters in ego.conf, but you can set the following EGO parameters related to LIM, PIM, and ELIM in either lsf.conf or ego.conf:





You cannot set any other EGO parameters (parameter names beginning with EGO_) in lsf.conf. If EGO is not enabled, you can only set these parameters in lsf.conf.


If you specify a parameter in lsf.conf and you also specify the corresponding parameter in ego.conf, the parameter value in ego.conf takes precedence over the conflicting parameter in lsf.conf.

If the parameter is not set in either lsf.conf or ego.conf, the default takes effect depends on whether EGO is enabled. If EGO is not enabled, then the LSF default takes effect. If EGO is enabled, the EGO default takes effect. In most cases, the default is the same.

Some parameters in lsf.conf do not have exactly the same behavior, valid values, syntax, or default value as the corresponding parameter in ego.conf, so in general, you should not set them in both files. If you need LSF parameters for backwards compatibility, you should set them only in lsf.conf.

If you have LSF 6.2 hosts in your cluster, they can only read lsf.conf, so you must set LSF parameters only in lsf.conf.