Parameters that have changed in LSF 9

The default for LSF_LIM_PORT has changed to accommodate EGO default port configuration. On EGO, default ports start with lim at 7869, and are numbered consecutively for pem, vemkd, and egosc.

This is different from previous LSF releases where the default LSF_LIM_PORT was 6879. res, sbatchd, and mbatchd continue to use the default pre-version 7 ports 6878, 6881, and 6882.

Upgrade installation preserves any existing port settings for lim, res, sbatchd, and mbatchd. EGO pem, vemkd, and egosc use default EGO ports starting at 7870, if they do not conflict with existing lim, res, sbatchd, and mbatchd ports.

EGO connection ports and base port

LSF and EGO require exclusive use of certain ports for communication. EGO uses the same four consecutive ports on every host in the cluster. The first of these is called the base port.

The default EGO base connection port is 7869. By default, EGO uses four consecutive ports starting from the base port. By default, EGO uses ports 7869-7872.

The ports can be customized by customizing the base port. For example, if the base port is 6880, EGO uses ports 6880-6883.

LSF and EGO needs the same ports on every host, so you must specify the same base port on every host.