Set the log files owner

Before you begin

You must be the cluster administrator. The performance monitoring (perfmon) metrics must be enabled or you must set LC_PERFM to debug.

About this task

You can set the log files owner for the LSF daemons (not including the mbschd). The default owner is the LSF Administrator.


Applies to UNIX hosts only.


This change only takes effect for daemons that are running as root.


  1. Edit lsf.conf and add the parameter LSF_LOGFILE_OWNER.
  2. Specify a user account name to set the owner of the log files.
  3. Shut down the LSF daemon or daemons you want to set the log file owner for.

    Run lsfshutdown on the host.

  4. Delete or move any existing log files.

    If you do not clear out the existing log files, the file ownership does not change.

  5. Restart the LSF daemons that you shut down.

    Run lsfstartup on the host.