Merge configuration files

About this task

Any changes made to configuration files using the bconf command result in changed configuration files written to the directory set by LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR in lsf.conf. LSF restart and reconfig uses configuration files in LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR if they exist.

Make live reconfiguration changes permanent by copying changed configuration files into the LSF_CONFDIR directory.


Remove LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR configuration files or merge files into LSF_CONFDIR before disabling bconf, upgrading LSF, applying patches to LSF, or adding server hosts.


  1. Locate the live reconfiguration directory set in LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR in lsf.conf.

    The bconf command can result in updated copies of the following configuration files:

    • lsb.resources

    • lsb.queues

    • lsb.users

    • lsb.hosts

    • lsf.cluster.clustername

  2. Copy any existing configuration files from LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR to the main configuration file directory set by LSF_CONFDIR in lsf.conf.
  3. Delete configuration files from LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR.

    Running badmin mbdrestart or lsadmin reconfig now, LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR is empty, and the configuration files that are found in LSF_CONFDIR are used.