bconf authentication

All bconf requests must be made from static servers; bconf requests from dynamic hosts or client hosts are not accepted.

Regular users can run bconf hist queries. Only cluster administrators and root can run all bconf commands.

User group administrators can do the following:

  • with usershares rights: adjust user shares using bconf update, addmember, or rmmember

  • with full rights: adjust both user shares and group members using bconf update, delete the user group using bconf delete, and create new user groups using bconf create


User group admins with full rights can only add a user group member to the user group if they also have full rights for the member user group.

User group administrators adding a new user group with bconf create are automatically added to GROUP_ADMIN with full rights for the new user group.

For more information about user group administrators see LSF user groups and the lsb.users man page or lsb.users in the LSF Configuration Reference.