Add a host to the cluster using bconf

About this task

You can add a new slave host with boolean resources to your cluster using live reconfiguration.


Run bconf add host=hostname

For example:

bconf add host=host24 "MXJ=21;RESOURCES=bigmem"
bconf: Request for host <host24> accepted



If default is already defined in lsb.hosts without a model or type line, no new line is added to the lsb.hosts file. (Applies to hosts added without batch parameters.)

When using MultiCluster you cannot add leased hosts or any hosts from another cluster.

Newly added hosts do not join an existing advance reservation, or run existing pending jobs submitted to a host group with bsub -m where more than one host or hostgroup is specified.

Adding a faster host to the cluster does not update the RUNLIMIT definition in the queue to normalize with the new cpu factor.