View unfinished job summary information


Run bjobs -sum to display summary information about unfinished jobs.

bjobs -sum displays the count of job slots for the following states: running (RUN), system suspended (SSUSP), user suspended (USUSP), UNKNOWN, pending (PEND), and forwarded to remote clusters and pending (FWD_PEND).

bjobs -sum displays the job slot count only for the user’s own jobs.

% bjobs -sum
RUN        SSUSP       USUSP      UNKNOWN    PEND       FWD_PEND
123        456         789        5          5          3

Use -sum with other options (like -m, -P, -q, and -u) to filter the results. For example, bjobs -sum -u user1 displays job slot counts just for user user1.

% bjobs -sum -u user1
RUN        SSUSP       USUSP      UNKNOWN    PEND       FWD_PEND
20         10          10         0           5          0