Submit jobs under a job group


Use the -g option of bsub to submit a job into a job group.

The job group does not have to exist before submitting the job.

bsub -g /risk_group/portfolio1/current myjob
Job <105> is submitted to default queue.

Submits myjob to the job group /risk_group/portfolio1/current.

If group /risk_group/portfolio1/current exists, job 105 is attached to the job group.

If group /risk_group/portfolio1/current does not exist, LSF checks its parent recursively, and if no groups in the hierarchy exist, all three job groups are created with the specified hierarchy and the job is attached to group.


-g and -sla options

Use -sla with -g to attach all jobs in a job group to a service class and have them scheduled as SLA jobs. Multiple job groups can be created under the same SLA. You can submit more jobs to the job group without specifying the service class name again.


In a MultiCluster job forwarding mode, job groups only apply on the submission cluster, not on the execution cluster. LSF treats the execution cluster as execution engine, and only enforces job group policies at the submission cluster.

Jobs forwarded to the execution cluster in a MultiCluster environment are not counted towards job group limits.