Automatic job requeue

You can configure a queue to automatically requeue a job if it exits with a specified exit value.
  • The job is requeued to the head of the queue from which it was dispatched, unless the LSB_REQUEUE_TO_BOTTOM parameter in lsf.conf is set.

  • When a job is requeued, LSF does not save the output from the failed run.

  • When a job is requeued, LSF does not notify the user by sending mail.

  • A job terminated by a signal is not requeued.

The reserved keyword all specifies all exit codes. Exit codes are typically between 0 and 255. Use a tilde (~) to exclude specified exit codes from the list.

For example:

Jobs exited with all exit codes except 1 and 2 are requeued. Jobs with exit code 9 are requeued so that the failed job is not rerun on the same host (exclusive job requeue).