Requeue a job

About this task

You can use brequeue to kill a job and requeue it. When the job is requeued, it is assigned the PEND status and the job’s new position in the queue is after other jobs of the same priority.


To requeue one job, use brequeue.
  • You can only use brequeue on running (RUN), user-suspended (USUSP), or system-suspended (SSUSP) jobs.

  • Users can only requeue their own jobs. Only root and LSF administrator can requeue jobs that are submitted by other users.

  • You cannot use brequeue on interactive batch jobs


brequeue 109

LSF kills the job with job ID 109, and requeues it in the PEND state. If job 109 has a priority of 4, it is placed after all the other jobs with the same priority.

brequeue -u User5 45 67 90

LSF kills and requeues 3 jobs belonging to User5. The jobs have the job IDs 45, 67, and 90.