Automatic job priority escalation

Automatic job priority escalation automatically increases job priority of jobs that have been pending for a specified period of time. User-assigned job priority must also be configured.

As long as a job remains pending, LSF automatically increases the job priority beyond the maximum priority specified by MAX_USER_PRIORITY. Job priority is not increased beyond the value of max_int on your system.

Pending job resize allocation requests for resizable jobs inherit the job priority from the original job. When the priority of the allocation request gets adjusted, the priority of the original job is adjusted as well. The job priority of a running job is adjusted when there is an associated resize request for allocation growth. bjobs displays the updated job priority.

If necessary, a new pending resize request is regenerated after the job gets dispatched. The new job priority is used.

For requeued and rerun jobs, the dynamic priority value is reset. For migrated jobs, the existing dynamic priority value is carried forward. The priority is recalculated based on the original value.