Enable absolute priority scheduling


Configure APS_PRIORITY in an absolute priority queue in lsb.queues.

APS_PRIORITY=WEIGHT[[factor, value] [subfactor, value]...]...] LIMIT[[factor, value] [subfactor, value]...]...] GRACE_PERIOD[[factor, value] [subfactor, value]...]...]

Pending jobs in the queue are ordered according to the calculated APS value.

If weight of a subfactor is defined, but the weight of parent factor is not defined, the parent factor weight is set as 1.

The WEIGHT and LIMIT factors are floating-point values. Specify a value for GRACE_PERIOD in seconds (values), minutes (valuem), or hours (valueh).

The default unit for grace period is hours.

For example, the following sets a grace period of 10 hours for the MEM factor, 10 minutes for the JPRIORITY factor, 10 seconds for the QPRIORITY factor, and 10 hours (default) for the RSRC factor:

You cannot specify zero for the WEIGHT, LIMIT, and GRACE_PERIOD of any factor or subfactor.

APS queues cannot configure cross-queue fairshare (FAIRSHARE_QUEUES) or host-partition fairshare.